November 24, 2017

CARROT or STICK: The Truth of Islam’s mockery about God, PART – 2

rule books

Rule book. Existence of so called rule books has restricted people from their freedom. Today I will try to discuss on these rule books of our life. I will also try to discuss on the form of rule books and how some groups used it to manipulate mankind and to control them.

If you can speak, why do you need a grammar book to learn how to speak? There are many critics who may argue that without grammar books; discipline in language cannot be maintained. Well, I would love to agree with that. But my question is, what is the necessity of creating a rule book for language which restricts us from expressing our mind freely? If a language does not have the strength to survive generations, then it should normally be practiced. Otherwise, it should adopt the changes to survive the needs of the future and continue to be spoken. It is a very common natural way of survival. By creating a grammar book to restrict its freedom, cannot ensure its existence in future. If it were so, then all the languages in the world which were spoken would have been survived.

My point of view is rule books cannot ensure the everlasting existence of anything. Then what is point of writing these rule books? I will discuss on this later. I have just tried to point out just one part of the life ie, language and its rule books’ restrictions. But it is same for all other aspects of life. Everywhere you will find some kind of book with rules and regulations which try to guide us. If the book is solely for guiding us, then I don’t mind and I don’t find any harm in that. Because you still have the liberty to decide. But if you make a book with dos and don’ts, then I object. Everyone must have the right to choose what is right and wrong for them. Others cannot decide on what is right and wrong for somebody else.

At present, if you look around, you will find most of the people are followed and restricted by one thing. That is their religion. Every religion has their own sacred book, which is full of dos and don’ts. Besides, there are books of laws, administration, education etc. But these books are accepted and implemented normally within the country or society except the books of religions. Religious books are such a rule books which have crossed the borders of the countries, societies and cultures. And day by day, its aggressiveness is increasing. It seems like, every religious books are trying to show their position over other religious books. For thousands of years, this never-ending battle is continuing. I will also explain this later in my writing to clarify further.

As I mentioned before, everyone and everything in the nature tried to survive. It is the same of the human being. Some cunning people have understood the importance of this survival and they know it in their heart; but they won’t say it though. This group of people would do anything and everything to survive. This group of individuals tried to make some rules and manipulate mankind. They have made their own books of rules and presented those to people with a cover of God. And they have made these Gods with super powers, holy spirit, savior etc. But these cunning people know very well, that if you can sell those rule books to stupid people like us, then they can earn a lot out of this. As a weapon of selling, they have used the ‘fear of loss’ method of marketing. If you don’t buy it, you are going to lose the last chance of owning it. And we feared and bought their so called products of so called Gods. What a joke, we never could realize that we are buying which does not even exist.

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  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be really something which I think I might by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very large for me. I am taking a look forward on your subsequent publish, I will attempt to get the cling of it!

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