November 24, 2017

Bangladesh is at the peak of corruption

Bangladesh was and is a playground for corrupt people. Once upon a time, only rich and politicians were part of it. They used to use corruption for their personal gains. But now corruption has spread all the sphere of life in Bangladesh. There is not a single place in the country where anything can be done without corruption. Poor and middle class people have also become part of it. But in this case, they are part of it because of surviving the life. Financial growth in Bangladesh has come a lot above, but corruption has never left its role in the economy. From shop keepers, to government institutions, police to judges; everywhere corruption is taking it’s toll. Nothing can be imagined without being part of it. One party is asking for money (bribe) and the victim has to obey it; because without providing the bribe, their work will not be completed. It has become a never ending cycle. Everyone in the country has become part of it. Even if you think about a rickshaw puller, […]

Value of life in Government’s eye in Bangladesh

Value of life of general public in Bangladesh is considered zero by government. People are dying each and everyday. Print and electronic media is publishing the news everyday. But I don’t think, government is at all interested to find out who is responsible for these unexpected and unwanted deaths. These are not natural deaths, these can be considered as murders by responsible persons. The reasons are frequent and categories are same all the time. Road and river accidents are the most notorious one within the reasons of these deaths. There was lots of criticism over the years for not having proper system to mitigate deaths due to road and river transport accidents. Drivers are careless and not properly trained. Most of the drivers are using fake driving licenses to get a job. Drivers don’t have knowledge and skills to be able to drive the transport. It will be unfair to blame only the drivers for the purpose; rather ministers are taking side of these drivers who are illegally driving on the road and rivers. Ministers […]

The lost Bangladesh Bank $101m from reserve

When hackers tried to steal nearly $1 billion from Bangladesh bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York failed to spot warning signs and nearly let all the money go. This is what Krishna N. Das and Jonathan Spicer said in an investigative report at Reuters, an international news agency.  The report says, “Jupiter. That single word, by a stroke of luck, helped stop the Federal Reserve Bank of New York from paying nearly $1 billion to the cyber-criminals behind a notorious bank heist earlier this year, according to sources familiar with the incident. But the Fed was tricked into paying out $101 million”. But the losses could have been much higher had the name Jupiter not formed part of the address of a Philippines bank where the hackers sought to send hundreds of millions of dollars more. By chance, Jupiter was also the name of an oil tanker and a shipping company under United States’ sanctions against Iran. Currently, the amount of Foreign Exchange Reserves in Bangladesh is $290 million.  Compared to its reserve […]

RCBC branch manager waited for hacked BB money

The authorities of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) have claimed that Maia Santos Deguito, its Jupitar Branch Manager, was responsible for $81 million Bangladesh Bank heist from its reserve in Federal Reserve Bank, Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) of Philippines in a report has revealed. It says Maia Santos Deguito helped in stealing this money with the assistance of others employees in her Jupitar office. She made the transaction of the stolen money quickly by preparing voucher at her own initiatives. It has also said, knowing that the stolen money was from Bangladesh, she helped to shift the money. The report of RCBC says, in May 2015, four bank accounts had been opened and these remained unused until February 5, 2016 when $81 million, supposedly coming from the Central Bank of Bangladesh, entered the accounts. On that day they deposited $30 million in Jessy Christopher’s account and transferred $20.27 million to William S Go’s account. Later, they converted the money into pesos by remittance firm Philrem. Appearing at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigating the […]

Chatro League: Name of anarchy that’s going through countrywide

Chatro League, a student wings of the Awami League  day by day crossing its limit.  They activists of the Chatro League behave that they are all in all of the country. The country is in their hand and they have all the privilege to do anything. If you go through the news portal or keep your eyes on TV channel you can see some of their autocrat act what is going through all over the country. Though the maximum crime of the chatro league activist are buried down under their political power. Moreover, the victims do not dare to raise their voice against the injustice that has happened to them , because if they go to court for seeking justice they are threatened to their life and justice that is further issue. On last 19 July, an activist   of chatro league kidnapped a girl from Sonagazi Government College. The girl was a student of  higher secondary of this college. She was innocent. She just rejected her proposal what’s consequence was too bad. She had to […]

Isn’t there any solution of water logging problem in Chittagong?

Scarcely had you found someone who did not like rain. But there is limit of everything. If anything goes beyond tolerance limit is not acceptable to anybody. Moreover Chittagong city is one of the most flooded areas in Bangladesh. If it started rain, people started to think how will be the water limit? Is it up to knee or waist level? Yes, this is what the dwellers of Chittagong city think before rather than enjoying rain. When I am writing this post the maximum part of the city is under the water. Because of nonstop rain since last three days, the city dwellers are suffering too much. Maximum roads are drowned even the water is stepping to the ground floor of the house. The dwellers cannot do their routine based daily work because of water. The offices who have to go out for work, especially the women are suffering much as there are inadequate vehicles in the road. What’s the reason behind this water logging situation? Why our road is damaged in a very little […]

Isn’t girls have any right to express their consent?

  It was busy morning like all others day. Shaila was getting ready to go to her college. Shaila was too nervous if she late for five minutes. As a student she is very talented. She scored golden A+ in her SSC and JSC examination. She never stood 2nd in her any exam. So it is quite natural that she did not pay any attention to any other stuff that diverts her attention.  But her attitude and way of dealing things smartly catches a guy attention to her. In the beginning he just stood in her way and looked at her secretly.  It went on in this way for couple of weeks. One day, the guy come to her and expressed what he had in his mind for her quite genuinely. When the guy was talking to her, Shaila was quite surprised. She did not utter anything and left the place anyway.  But the guy did not stop her following. He stood on her way every day and tried to convince her. But Shaila was […]

Maggi, a name of health threat and Bangladesh

  Maggi scam of India is touching Bangladesh now. The consumers of  Bangladesh almost stopped buying Maggi from the market suspecting the presence of lead in the product. Though the customers are suspecting about this product but still the authority is quite hopeful about Maggi food quality. Rather BSTI declared quite hurriedly after a quick lab test in last month, that Maggi is not containing any harmful chemical like Lead. On the other Hand, Nestle Bangladesh is advertising more and more and has announced special offer on the Maggi product like: buy three get one free, or special discount offer on family pack in social media and television channel. They are also running free campaign of free Maggi advertisement in the school. But the guardians of students especially women, seemed reluctant to those free Maggi noodles campaign. While talking to few of those women said, its true Bangladesh has not banned Maggi, but we have doubt of containing Lead in the product.” On the other hand, the selling of the Maggi from super shop to […]

Never Ending Crisis: Corruption

Empty stomachs and dry lips are everywhere. People begging for money just to satisfy their hunger and thirst, to feed their young ones and for a meal even just once a day. These situations are clear signs where poverty exists. Poverty which is clearly attributed to corruption, a common word that became an integral part of the life of every man and woman in the world. Corruption has become not a surprising problem in every country, yet a very depressing one. It is a viral disease that infects everyone else. A common, yet unsolved crisis. But the question is, where does corruption begin from? The root of corruption is greediness and it began at home, where young ones steal money from their parents’ pocket. This act is the simplest form of corruption itself. This can be developed into what we called our second home – school where cheating, lying and any form of hostile for the young minds lies at hand. These acts can be practiced in the workplace where greediness comes to its peak and becomes the source of […]

Corruption of Govt in Bangladesh: An Overview

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. It ranks eighth among the most populous countries in the world (World Bank, 2013). Transparency International, a global organization created to fight corruption, identifies Bangladesh as one of the most corrupt countries in Asia (2014). Historical Background of Bangladesh has a rich background with its neighboring country India since they form the Bengal Region. In the 12th century, Islam reached the country through Muslim traders and Muslim missionaries called “Sufis”(Bhutto, 2006). The spread of Islam intensified when Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khalji, a Muslim Turk, took over most parts of the Bengal Region (Yaqub Ali). European countries such as Portugal, Denmark, France and Great Britain were able to reach Bengal starts in the late 15th century. British rule of Bengal commenced at mid 18th century until the 20th century. In 1905, Bengal was divided into two parts (Hindu-west and Islam-east), thus the emergence of Pakistan. Differences emerged between the two factions led to the Bangladesh Liberation War in March of 1971 and to its independence from Pakistan in December 1971. There […]

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