November 24, 2017

Extremism and educational institution in Bangladesh

Extremism in educational institution has long history in Bangladesh. Initially, religious institutions like mosques and madrasas were the main hosts of extremism in Bangladesh. Religious teachers and leaders were radicalized and they only intention was to guide the innocent children who are deprived from the basic facilities of the society to extremism. This ideology has guided us for decades. But recent discoveries through the terrorist incidents have changed the line of thoughts. Most of the terrorists took part in different terrorist activities in Bangladesh, in recent past, are from renowned educational institutions. Most of them are studied through private educational institutions and those are real expensive. That means that they are from well off families and in no way they did attack on humanity due to their hunger of financial gains. Next point is, then how did they get involved in such a unexpected events and how did they get connected to international terrorist organisations. Normally, as far my knowledge goes, private educational institutions in Bangladesh do not promote terrorism or extremism. Then the possibility […]

Higher Education in Bangladesh: Right or Product

As ours is a developing country, we have been struggling with a good deal of problems. Here, ironically, not all the citizens are blessed with same standard of living. Most of them are hardly meeting both the ends. Food, clothing, shelter, education and medication are the five basic needs of human being. Education is such a basic need that has a different importance to different class of people. When we are still struggling with achieving mass literacy, the question of imposing VAT on the private universities for higher education should be beyond discussion. The present era is based on the use of modern technology. With the use of modern equipments, the cost of living is also rising day by day. In this context, the cost of education has been matter of aristocracy nowadays. There is competition in everywhere. Moreover, there is a doubt of quality education also. As a result, the parents are in a dilemma what extent they will be successful to make their children educated. However, higher education has become a tough opportunity […]

Question Paper Leak: Reasons and Solution

It is education which is the backbone of a nation. It is obvious that the process of examination is essential to identify those people who surpass any particular level of knowledge. But the problem arises when anyone tries to interrupt this system illegally. Leaking out question paper is the reason for which the whole education system can result in zero. As a result, it causes a huge loss for the society and the nation. Question paper leaking is one of the most common and unwanted topic of nowadays. It has been used as a means of unfair way of being passed in a public examination or to get an admission in the universities or to get a job. Since after the independence, questions papers have been subjected to be leaked out. But it was a very rare case. It has become so frequent nowadays. If there is a public examination in the country, it is heard that the question paper is leaked out. Sometimes, the authority postpones the examination, sometimes the scheduled examination is held […]

Is Education goods?

Education is the backbone of a nation. Without education any nation cannot be progressed. This is why both developed and developing country emphasizes on education. They knew that they cannot achieve the desired development in all possible sectors without education. But, the picture here in Bangladesh is quite different. Ruling Bangladesh government treat education as good, so that it has needed to be added in Value Added Tax? For this reason in current fiscal year  the finance minister of Bangladesh announced in the budget educational institution (private university) need to pay 7% tax on their income. Well, I understand that private universities are earning more than the public universities. But it is education, not any goods that are sold in grocery shop or any commodities that used for your luxury. Rather education is the thing that helps to take any nation a step ahead through a sustainable development. So what came up then the government takes such foolish decision? There is a common belief that students, whose parents have enough money got admission in the […]

Why Brain Drain?

Being an overpopulated country, Bangladesh has a potential human resource. This is the only hope for the country even after struggling with this massive population. However, this aspiration is turning into a problem as most of our educated and talented youth are leaving the homeland. Proper study can accumulate the reasons behind this problem. The education scientists define this shifting of educated and talented people in abroad as “brain drain”. It has become a tradition of thought of the new generation that the only possible bright future refers to the opportunity to live in abroad after the completion of higher education. Our graduates often cherish the dream of settling in a Europe country or in a highly advanced state. This thought of our educated youth is not merely a dream of them but also it is the byproduct of some of our advancement. Our city life is covered with numerous problems after all. We are getting urbanized day by day. Our cities are getting industrialized gradually. All the modern facilities and amenities are being attached […]

Education is not a product to sale where AL government should impose VAT

Till now, I had idea that governments of all the countries impose VAT to increase the revenue. But never heard about imposing VAT on tution fees by any government. In Bangladesh, education has always been on the first priority of importance by previous governments. I think, none in Bangladesh has ever thought of imposing VAT on tution fees of students. This shows that this government has gone mad. Sheikh Hasina government also said that they want to keep education out of any problem and they said that they will make the education for the students free. Now, imposing VAT on tution fees does not go same with what they promised; rather it shows simply U-turn on their promise. For past couple of years, teachers were not provided with support by the government. Government promised so many things before the election for teachers, but they simply forgot about those promises after they got elected. Many teachers were torchured on road by police while protesting for their demands. Recently, teachers were attacked by AL’s student wing BCL […]

Safety rules at office to ensure sustainable development at work

All employees have to spend most part of the day in the office. So office environment means a lot for them. There is no confusion that office environment has positive impact on their motion. So questions peeps at your mind how will be the office type? Well, the first thing that you need to emphasize on is office size. It should be sufficiently large, where adequate light and air can move easily. A maximum distance must be kept between the two desks in the office. It is difficult to work in packed condition in the office. So it is must to maintain maximum distance between the two desks so that you can maintain privacy of your work. It is seen that on research if office room is nicely decorated and tidy, relaxation is visible in employees mind. The improvement of work is also notable in nicely decorated and tidy office environment. If you have sufficiently large office desk, you will get enough space to keep important official documents, files and computer. Of course,  a completely […]

Cruel modern civilization system: an unending barrier in children growth

Childhood means mischievousness or a life which is blended with dreams and fantasy and of course the sweetest and important period of life. But, children of this age, are getting aloof from this sweetest life with full of mischievousness and close attachment with nature. This is how, the beautiful and robust environment which is responsible to a great extent for children’s mental development are disappearing slowly. They have confined themselves with the four walls restrictions and there dreamy, fantasy world are shadowed with the grasp of mal-culture. It is true that the children is growing up but they are not getting advantages of enjoying natural beauty, gentle breeze, lightening of multi color rainbow , vastly opened fields, sweet chirping of birds  and deep green forest’s allurement. Because of mal-culture and guardians typical limited mentality, children are losing their spontaneous mischievousness and the dreamy and fantasy world. The guardians are confined their child with in the chain of four walls through the television, computer, internet, mobile phone, video games. Moreover mal-culture is keeping a negative impact […]

Children and Cartoon maniac

The modern civilized world is filled with sky touching building of bricks and stones.  There is hardly any room as playing ground for children even under such vast open sky. This is why the children are confined with four walls. Because of having no playground, the children cannot play outside with their friends. On the other hand, parents do not find to spend with their children because of their busy and mechanized schedule. Like imprisoned bird in the cage, the children have to spend time lonely and helplessly. In a statistics it is found that the children are diverted to the modern invention of science and technology, as a medium of their leisure now a day. They took video game, mobile game and cartoon serial that telecast on many satellite channels as a mean of their time pass. In the recent time, these medium play a great impact on the tender mind of the children. Day by day, the children are getting addicted to these cartoon serials and video games. It is quite shocking that […]

What Happened to university education in Bangladesh?

Times Higher Education (THE) , a leading weekly of  London, published in their latest edition,  the list of the prestigious and top listed university in Asia, on the basis of education quality, research  and others variables. But it is matter of quite regret that, there are no names of any Bangladeshi universities in the list. In the list China and Japan has got priorities and some from India which get recognition for their research based, standard quality of education. Not only in this rank list but also a list of Shanghai based survey Academic Ranking of World University (ARWU) , there are no places of any Bangladeshi universities in the list. This survey was taken from 1200 universities of the world, where the listed 500 universities. In the list India placed 11 universities, Pakistan 7 and 21 Chinese universities placed in top 100 universities. This is matter of sorrow that Bangladesh has no place in this university. Is that mean there is no standard quality of education? Once Dhaka University was considered as the “Oxford […]

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