November 24, 2017

Extremism and radicalization is going to increase in 2018 in Bangladesh

Extremism and radicalization is going to increase a lot in Bangladesh next year. There are many factors which are going to help this growth. Rohingya population in Bangladesh, ISIS defeat in their territory, national election, opposition political parties activities – all are going to come together next year and all these are going to fertilize the extremism and radicalized view in Bangladesh. Already, radicalized society which is passing through a dark time, above factors are going to explode the bubble in all aspects. I am not against the Rohingya and their safety offered by Bangladesh. But my concern is they will be manipulated by opportunists to recruit them in terrorist activities within Bangladesh. These poor people who are desperately need financial help, will do everything to survive. I don’t find any possibility from Bangladeshi government to help them financially. I have already heard that women have got themselves involved in prostitution for earning money. This shows how desperate they are. Men and young children are going to be the main target of the terrorist groups […]

Slaughtering tradition in Religions encourage terrorism

Slaughtering in different forms and formats – is part of different religions in the world. Religions and followers believe this awful tradition as a way to show their respect to their God. Funny that their so called God is fond of blood, violence and murder. Different religions has got different traditions in different forms. But the end result is same – blood, violence and deaths of innocents. This is one of the reasons why religious people are encouraged to terrorism by their religious faiths. They accepts this forms of fundamental teaching of their religion, because they believe by rejecting this, they will loose their religious faith. From killing the animals, they learn how to kill human beings. There are some religions which orders killings of human beings alive to please their super power God (shame). Extreme outcome of these traditions is – radicals things they are even happy to kill themselves to please their Gods. I believe, I don’t have to give any examples on this. Because all of already seen these sorts of terrorism […]

GIMF Bangla Team is Ansarullah Bangla Team

GIMF stands for Global Islamic Media Front. Everyone by know about Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). Now they are part of this international terrorist platform. Now ABT is called GIMF Bangla Team. Before couple years, Ansarullah Bangla Team renamed as Ansar Al Islam, when they became part of AL Qaeda sub continent group. They managed to join this international terrorist group within a very short span of time after their notorious killings of bloggers and other secular minded people. Now they have gone bigger in Global scale. Yesterday, Indian anti-terrorism unit has arrested a ABT activist who was arrested with lots of fake IDs. This proofs that Ansarullah Bangla Team is now not only operating within Bangladesh, they are operating definitely over sub-continent. They have got access to illegal movement within countries which is really a significant dangerous news for all of us. The activist of ABT arrested, is part of a small task. It is worth thinking how big this ABT has gone within these years. Bangladeshi government is doing some eye wash show down […]

Bangladesh hiding IS in the name of New JMB in the country

For last few years, Bangladeshi government and administration is hiding IS existence and they are mentioning them as new JMB. Though they are nothing but IS. However, Bangladeshi government is always trying to deny the presence of IS within the country to avoid any international attention. But terrorist attacks in different places pushed the government back. However, instead of agreeing that IS is involved in those attacks, government mentioning them as new JMB. Who are this new JMB? These are the trained and new recruits by IS. Ansaruallah Bangla Team which is now known more as Ansar Al Islam got connected with Al Qaedah. On the other hand, IS tried to recruit more and strengthen their back office activities in south eastern asia and Bangladesh is their main place to execute that. They are successful to do that and we have already seen huge involvement of Bangladeshis in IS war front. After the Gulshan attack, few Bangladeshis released video on youtube claiming the responsibility of the attack and praised the attacker. They also mentioned that […]

Sheikh Hasina and Hefajot Islam are in power now

Everyone remembers the name of Hefajot Islam and their target killings of bloggers in Bangladesh. They have forced the government to openly declare their stance against bloggers few years back. AL government became scared the way Hefajot Islam arranged a meeting in Shapla roundabout in Dhaka. I remember that day and following days. I could feel that some thing worst in our way. Government did not take any preventive measure to guard the bloggers, rather they encouraged those killers to keep continuing their madness. These Islamist terrorists have rooted their position so well now that government is executing their wishes and plans. Recently, government has change the national text curriculum and made lots of other changes in text books in schools. Matter of shame, political parties in Bangladesh do not want to raise against this. Because they don’t want to lose their Muslim voters. Shame, Shame! Now politicians of this country are radicalizing the future generation through their school text books without even realizing that they are victims. May be after 10 years, this radicalization […]

Attack of terrorism – London to Sylhet

Attacks of terrorism is increased recently around the world. Last week only, terrorist has attacked at the heart of democracy in London and terrorists are showing their colour in the other part of the world in Bangladesh. I read online that IS is loosing their ground in middle east recently and their leader has ordered the IS fighters to blow themselves up at will. As a result, I think, the number of attacks by IS around the world has increased. Most of the cases, all are suicide attacks. I have to really discuss about the attack in London. This attacker has targeted innocent students, police officers and pedestrians. A human being has to be a mad to do that which I believe he was. A normal human being cannot do that. This attacker cannot be called a human being. IS trying to take this opportunity to claim the responsibility of this attack. It is too early to comment on the actual reason. I cannot find any reason for this kind of madness. On the other […]

‘Ansar Al Islam’ is banned now in Bangladesh

‘Ansar Al Islam’ which is another name of the most notorious fundamentalist militant group of Bangladesh ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team’. This new named group is now banned in Bangladesh from today. There are lots of questions still unanswered about this group of militants. What took government to ban this group so much of time? What happened to the original Ansarullah Bangla Team? Is banning the group is going to stop the group from what they are doing? What is the depth of their connection with international terrorist organisations? Recently one of the US senior official of military commented that he is sure about the connection between Bangladeshi militant groups and international terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. He has proof and evidences regarding this. As usual Bangladeshi government denied it, specially police. Al Qaeda leader said about the connections and praised them in his propaganda videos. Bangladeshi militants in IS already published many videos regarding their activities and praising the terrorist took part in Gulshan attack. Still government is keeping their eyes closed on this. […]

New face of extremism in Bangladesh 2017

New face of extremism in Bangladesh is in rise. 2017 is waiting and silently lots of young people are missing recently. Police chief is saying that all the missing people may not be involved in extremism; but my question is why police could not find them to ensure that they are not going to be involved in extremism in 2017. The picture attached which is very scary for most of the reader, but I have showed this to everyone so that you can realize how cruel these extremists are in Bangladesh. How they are killing people who does not believe in religion or raise their concern about radicalization in Bangladesh. This is a picture of a blogger who was murdered by extremists last year. They have not only killed him, but also smashed his face. Now the extremists are painting a new face of extremism in Bangladesh. This year in Gulshan attack, high society boys were brain washed to take participation in extremism. Though they were killed during the rescue operation, but their drivers are […]

Complacency of Bangladesh Government on terrorism in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi government is very much complacent on terrorism in Bangladesh recently. If you look at the government now, you will never be able to imagine about what just happened in Bangladesh. None is talking or discussing about further preventive steps needed to stop future terrorism in Bangladesh. I am surprised to see after hundreds of killings in last few years in the name of religious beliefs and terrorism, all of a sudden all the government officials are talking about other issues; whereas future of terrorism in Bangladesh must be the vital point for Bangladesh now. Including the police and RAB, government looks very complacent about what they have done so far. But looking at the world terrorism, you can simply identify that local and international terrorists are not going to sit tight. If, at all, government killed few local terrorists, does not mean that terrorism from Bangladesh is gone forever. Rather it is a critical point where you must continue to act, take further steps and work with international community to act against terror. Each […]

Islamic militants and new face of terrorism in Bangladesh

Islamic militants have successfully scared people in Bangladesh. It is established now that they are operating effectively within Bangladesh. Though there is a open hide & seek play going on by the government, but no doubt that Islamic militants have expressed their presence quite loud & clear in Bangladesh. I don’t know what the government or the law enforcement agencies are thinking about it, but general public are highly concerned and scared about the situation. I had been telling all along that international terrorist organisations are recruiting young minds in Bangladesh for their execution of terrorist activities in Bangladesh as it is very easy for them. But one thing is very much clear that few foreign citizens are directly involved with these militant activities. They are obviously acting as a recruiter, may not be the main person behind all these. But they are acting as their representatives. I am really surprise to see few of the militants’ family background. Their families are well off, had nice educations from western curriculum; but it is a matter […]

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