November 24, 2017

NO Freedom of Rights for tribal people in Bangladesh

People living in different parts of Bangladesh having tribal origin, do not enjoy minimum freedom of rights in Bangladesh. Not only that, they are intentionally oppressed politically, financially and socially. Everyone should have minimum rights of freedom to enjoy their lives and have access to basic facility. Instead of that, they are harassed in all aspects of life. It is not an issue of recent past, it has been like this since the independence of Bangladesh. Sometimes it justifies why people left this country during independence war. I believe they were correct doing so, otherwise they would have suffered the same for their future generations. Recently Saotals ( a tribal group in Bangladesh) have become victim of this. Local politicians along with rich businessmen and local government employees stopped Saotals from their rights. The way it is going, it is not going to stop in future. Future generations of Saotals are also going to face these. If you can remember when Sheikh Hasina government stopped militants in Chittagong area from attacking with so called historic […]

Ovijit Roy murder and failure of Bangladesh

Ovijit Roy, a secular blogger was murdered in February last year at national book fair event. I don’t think, I have to give much more information about this murder as nationally and internationally it is discussed many times. Today I am going to highlight rather on the failure of Bangladesh to take any action to punish the murderers. Its been only about 18 months since the murder of Ovijit Roy, but it feels like its been decades. Because, no social and political strong protests were not made to put pressure on government to solve this case. Few bloggers have kept on protesting, but it could not take nationwide form. As a result, government and its law enforcement agencies are very much relaxed to solve this case and bring the murderers into prosecution. As a result so many incidents took place after this murder in Bangladesh to establish the presence of local and international radical Islamists. It is well established in Bangladesh that none has got the right to even die a normal death, because of […]

Right of natural death

People of Bangladesh are really very scared of abnormal death. When people go outside of home or sometimes even remaining inside home, they don’t know whether they can die normally. This may sound funny, but this is the reality. The way people are being murdered, it is a great concern for public to ask the government that they want the right to have natural death. Earlier, people were scared of being dead from accidents. But now people are scared to be murdered by Islamic militants anytime and anywhere. You don’t know when you are going to be killed, because you are having different opinion or faith or you are active against militants. Now they are targeting more on soft targets. Earlier they used to target families sometimes, but it has increased recent year. On the other hand, government, police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to ensure the safety of people. Not only that they have failed to arrest and prosecute the murderers. They are always praising themselves that they will arrest the murderers […]

Lets hope or give up?

I am confused actually where to start with! As a girl I know how much it is difficult of being girl. True to say it is not only difficult but kind of impossible to live in a place where I born.  Yes, it is my beloved motherland Bangladesh where I born and grow up. The natures that fills my heart with all incredible beauty and innocence, kindness and at the same time it also makes me stubborn not to bow down in the cruelest time. No matter how difficulties I am going through but I have learnt to keep patience. My defiant nature always took me to a life where I needed to worry about food, cloth, treatment and bla bla.  Yes I am alive and it is my fair confession. If someone asks me do I have any regret of this kind of life of limitation?  I will answer instantly without giving a second thought that is ‘No’. Though it would be surprising for those who saw my life of hardship in these years, […]

Arrest of Journalism in Bangladesh

There was a saying, if you are not mine; you are of none. This statement is a good example of extremism. Sheikh Hasina government has followed this saying from the start of her ruling time in Bangladesh. If you are not supporting AL, you are none. Thus you don’t deserve to have any right to live freely. If you are opposing anything against this government, you will be arrested and humiliated. As a result, now a days, some opposition leaders do not forget to oil Hasina sometimes. Because they know, if they don’t, they will be arrested soon. Mr. Joy, son of PM, is trying to get himself engaged in Bangladeshi politics for last few years. Well, he might be well educated in IT, but I don’t think he still has got the ability to become a political leader in national level. By forcing some arrest recently and forcing followers to file case against  journalism, he is trying to show people how strong he is. But this may act reversely for him. People are definitely […]

Celebrating Bengali New year in Curfew in 2016

Celebrating Bengali New year is the most celebrated event in Bangladesh. This has become the secular symbol of Bangladesh, though for last few years attacks in different forms during this event has created fear in people’s mind. Last year, lots of women were sexually harassed in Dhaka University area by young visitors there. Therefore government has ordered to finish all the events within 5 PM. Government is saying that to avoid any repeat of last year’s incident, they are taking this action. First of all, did government take any effective action to identify those culprits? No. Are they prosecuted for justice? No. Now, instead of taking steps to ensure safety of the people, government asking to remain at home in Bengali New year. This shows the level of competency of our government and our police force. They are so much unfit that they don’t want people to celebrate new year event in public. This order from the government is not for Dhaka only, this will be effective all over the country. So, on Bengali new […]

Pledge for Parity

Pledge for Parity is the slogan of International Women’s Day -2016, what is scheduled to observe on 8th March.   In all over the world the day celebrated amid enthusiasm even in Bangladesh, also celebrated in a befitting manner. Being a woman our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not leave the occasion to foil. She is an iconoclast of the woman development in the country. Her attitude, success must inspire every woman to walk on the path what she walks.  No doubt, she is a brave warrior. She has strong determination to do any difficult task completed. But, I am surprised on his comment that she made while addressing a function marking the International Women’s Day at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre. She said, “Woman cannot be controlled by the name of religion, woman will across every limit through her strong will”. Yes, she is right in her point, but my question is “can she change the mind of the religious minded people, who always move with a chain to untie a woman toe?”  Can she ensure […]

Freedom of Speech in Bangladesh snatches

What to say about freedom of speech? I really do not know! Or If I know I cannot say even because of fear of my life. The country where I live, is become a death hole. If you say something about religion or science, the ultimate result is death in a merciless way (being chopped). On the other hand, the current government is in its peak to establish autocracy. The situation here turns like that; you cannot say anything about government and its flatterer. You do not know even what they will make you to do. Just your family member will know once you get kidnapped! If you give glimpse on the current situation of the country, you cannot find a single date that misses the incident of Kidnap and dead body recover. However, the media do not cover all the news or maybe it’s their limitation as the media often threaten by government indirectly or sometimes in bold manner. For example, you can see the latest witch hunting of Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam, […]

February, Deaths, Tears and Bangladesh

February is a month which is very significant in Bangladeshi history. But behind all these significant history there are brutal events. It looks like the enemies of Bangladesh and its intellectual development, always targeted this month of February to show that bad is stronger than good. Following events in years will clarify my statement. a. Lots of students were murdered in 1952 February while they were protesting to save the mother tongue. b. More than 50 Army officers were murdered mercilessly in then BDR Head Quarter in Pilkhana in 2009. c. Rajib Haider, secular blogger were murdered in February in 2013. d. Ovijit Roy, Free thinker blogger and book writer were murdered in February 2015. These are just few examples. When February used to come in our childhood, we used to remember about the sacrifice made in 1952 and mourn nationally. But the series of incidents later led us to some place where people are scared of using their language for which people sacrificed their lives in 1952. It is simply opposite. If you can […]

Freedom of speech in Bangladesh: Star editor scenario

I do not know actually what the hell is going on after Mahfuz Anam’s confession to a lapse in editorial judgement in publishing reports based on information supplied by the country’s task force intelligence of Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) during the caretaker government regime on February 3, 2016. In the TV show he said, it was his big mistake in his entire editor life to rely on the information of (DGFI) during 1/11 to post news against current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina what was almost a decade ago in 2007. But the hell just began after his confession.  Now there are almost 60 cases filed against Mahfuz Anam accusing defamation, which claim Tk 71,831.5 crore. I just turned stupid by seeing this nonsense though. How others claimed defamation until they were not defamed. The defamation money may claim by Sheikh Hasina or her son Sheikh Wazed Joy, but not those stupid people. I am surprised how the courts take those cases. I must say here that, the Bangladeshi is best in stupidity. Here […]

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