November 24, 2017

Bangladeshi constitution is unfit and unfair for everyone

Bangladeshi constitution, itself is not fit anymore. When this country got independence, people were promised for a country and constitution which will have freedom and equality for people from all background and faith. But after decades of independence, it looks like this country is only for Muslims. The Muslims who are radicalized, government which is controlled by radicalized political parties, a radicalized Muslim constitution which gives upper hand to all Muslims than other people. Matter of shame, none tried to understand the needs of other religious or non-religious background. This is 2017, people are fighting for rights of LGBT; at that time, Bangladeshi government is scared of removing the name of the Muslim God from the constitution. My challenge is, if the Bangladeshi constitution is secular, than why don’t you include other faiths and non-believers in that. Why don’t you give right of LGBT equally? The problem is about the mindset of people. Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia, Ershad – none will take a single attempt to include others, LGBT, non-believers or to remove the name […]

Government is patronizing radicalization in Bangladesh 2017

Bangladeshi Government is patronizing radicalization in Bangladesh. This is not a new news, but the scale in which this is taking place is surprising. All the political parties in the country always used religion as an emotional tool to fool voters. But the way this government is doing is astonishing. This shameless and radicalized government is now became slave of Hefazat-E-Islam, one of the most Islamic radicalized political parties of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina who likes to call herself the daughter of the father of nation (!), does not look like the daughter of the nation. Day before yesterday when I came to know about the dismantling of a statue from the front of the high court, I could clearly where this government is heading. I could see another ‘Bangla Bhai project’ by this government. The difference is, last time it was stupid Khaleda Zia, this time idiot Sheikh Hasina. Everyone knows about Sheikh Hasina’s dictatorship within her party. After this decision, all other ministers are trying to repeat what their mother Sheikh Hasina wanted. All […]

Government’s failure on parents’ shoulder now

Bangladeshi government transferring their responsibility of failure to parents of lost children. Recently it is a talk of the town. Government has decided that if anyone found militant, their parents will be held responsible for that. When a person become adult, it is very difficult for the parents to keep their whole control on them to track all their activities. Now if the person becomes a Islamic militant, government will prosecute the parents with the militant. In recent years, Islamic militants’ activities have risen to the sky. Many of them have already caught the eyes of international media and community. Government was always reluctant to take necessary steps against it. They, in fact, wanted to keep it alive; because of gaining political upper hand for the next general election. Police has tried their best to market their actions. But, as always, their activities were limited to reaction only. They have failed to take proactive measures. Instead of taking responsibilities for their failure to stop Islamic militants, they are handing off that to the parents. I […]

Few questions on recent Bangladesh

Few questions need to be asked on what is going on in Bangladesh. With the help of print, electronic and social media, everyone within and outside Bangladesh knows about the situation in Bangladesh. But most of the information released, are questionable. Because government is hiding few truth and manipulating with the information. Today I will raise few questions and expect everyone who is reading this article to think about the answers. If you think, I am wrong, please do let me know by commenting. 1, What is the motive of Awami League government for denying ISIS present in Bangladesh? 2. As said by AL government that there is no ISIS connection in Bangladesh, then why ISIS publishing information about terrorist attack in Bangladesh in their publications? 3. As said by government, there are no ISIS in Bangladesh; then why police is looking for ISIS representatives in Bangladesh? 4. Why BNP is quiet about terrorist activities in Bangladesh? 5. Why BNP is not aggressively protesting against AL actions? 6. Why and how all the Islamic banned […]

AL Government is not bearer of secularism – rather destroyer

In recent days, activities of radicalized Islamists have increased again in Bangladesh. Few people are talking about their connections with Al Qaeda and ISIS. Government is totally quite on this issue. Another pir was found headless in the country after slaughtered by extremists. International communities, including different human rights organisations, are very much concern about this. But government is denying all along about these connected to the international terrorist organisations. Somebody to tell this government run by radicalized Islamic rules that think about the safety of people, instead of establishing shariah law in the country. The mysterious way this government is acting, looks like they are encouraging these murders actually. You are not safe in Bangladesh, if you are expressing your free thinking which goes against fundamental thoughts of both government and religions. LGBT campaign is not common in Bangladesh, but the campaign started by Mr. Xulhas encouraged everyone to think about the acceptance of the gay community in the society. You have to think that they are also people like us, their likings may […]

Hasina Govt filled with fool ministers

Recent activities of three cabinet members have proved that the current ruling Awami League government is filled with fool ministers. Their activities have proved that the Prime Minister even has no control over their ministers. That is why they can say anything publicly and can do anything without her permission. Of course, there is no doubt that those ministers are the reason of displeasure for the government. In the recent time, the three ministers Finance Minister AMA Muhith, Food Minister Md Qamrul Islam and Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Huq have made the country warm with their nonsense, controversial comments time to time over the recent most talked issue BB fund heist and comment against chief justice SK Sinha. Experts think, although every minister has own independent ministry but they work under the direct supervision of the prime minister. As three ministers are making some irritating remarks, it seems that they are out of control of the prime minister. Finance Minister AMA Muhith recently made some controversial comments on Bangladesh Bank former governor Dr […]

Resignation of Bangladesh Bank Governor and use of stolen money

At first, I would like to appreciate BB Governor Atiur Rahman for his bold resignation from his post after the report of stolen money from BB reserve. It is bold because, none resigns with taking responsibility for any misconduct of his organisation in Bangladesh. Finance minister should have done the same, as it was also his responsibility to ensure safety of the reserve money in Bangladesh Bank. But I don’t think our politician has got that courage at all. Following the theft of almost 100m USD, Bangladesh Bank has realized now the importance of cyber attacks and how devastating it can be. The whole world has gone far away in the field of cyber security, but Bangladesh did not give any importance to that. This government is trying to connect everything, specially financial system, to internet. But they did not give any significant importance to the security aspect of this matter. Government should have been proactive on this matter. Already many government websites were hacked by hackers. Even Bangladeshi hackers mentioned that Bangladeshi government’s websites […]

Foreign Policy of Bangladesh: A comparison among the Regimes

Since the independence as a nation, Bangladesh has an identity of her own. Similarly, our government has a unique foreign policy as like as other countries. But it depends on the philosophy of the particular political identity of a party that forms the government. It is not surprising at all. Each and every government after the independence followed its own philosophy while practicing foreign policy. It would be very interesting to know the foreign policy practices and their characteristics of their foreign policy priorities. In this context, we can discuss the foreign policy of Bangladesh in accordance with the banner of particular regimes. The father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman formed the government soon after the independence. Under his guidance, the nation fought for the liberation war. This emotional attachment with Sheikh Mujib helped him to restore governance in the country. Mujib government prepared the constitution within one year. It was clearly mentioned that the foreign policy principle of Bangladesh would be “friendship to all, malice to none”. This principle guided the cooperation […]

Road Accidents in Bangladesh: What to Do?

There is not even a single day when we do not read or see the news of road traffic accidents on newspapers or televisions. Each and every accident is shocking. This rate of road accidents is alarming. It is increasing every year. The police record says that 3000 fatalities happen every year. But the other sources say that the number of the road accidents goes beyond 12000 to 20000 in a year. An accident incurs a huge loss for a person, a family, a society, a country physically, psychologically and financially. It refers to the significance of this matter which must be taken seriously by the concerned authority and by the conscious people. Otherwise, it will be too late for the solution. Frequent road accidents have become a social problem as it is concerned with a number of causal factors. If we want to root out this problem, we have to find out the causes at first. Road accident has been a social concern for Bangladesh. We lose a number of potential manpower only for […]

Ban on social media and murder of Muzahid & Salauddin Kader

When I heard that all social media including, Facebook, what’s app, Skype and so on are shut down in ¬†Bangladesh for unlimited period, it was not quite difficult for me to find out that something wrong is going to be happened in the country by the government. It did not take long time to find out the fact; BNP leader Salauddin Kader Chowdhury and Jamat leader Muzahid is hanged to death tonight. It is nothing but a murder by intention of the government. I am fully against the procedure followed in the tribunal for these ill intended political murders. Well, if the government is confident about their actions on this trial, then why they are trying to stop people to raise their voice against it. Actually, AL government knows it clearly that these trials are questionable nationally and internationally. Government does not want people to write or say their opinion through social media. Social media is a powerful platform of communication and expressing freely. Already government has made legislation to prosecute people who practices criticising […]

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