November 24, 2017

Basic mistake by police for fighting against militants in Bangladesh

Militants have gone in hiding, after police started raiding them. Everyone is thinking like that, but I think they are planning to fight back soon. If you observe the trend of IS all over the world, you don’t have to think so deep to find about that. It is proved that Bangladeshis are involved both directly and indirectly with international terrorist organisations. Since Gulshan attack incident, police has been trying to show off that they are one step ahead of militants in Bangladesh and to impress international media. But studying their last raids and approach, I think they are doing a basic mistake to approach. Firstly, they have not suddenly started getting all the intelligence reports on militants. They knew about it, they are now executing after government’s order. It proves that government did not want to take actions on eliminating militants. Even these recent actions are also controlled highly. The most shocking part is, they are not looking for connections these dead militant leaders have or what is their future plans are. Police have […]

Law & Order in Bangladesh – uncertain dark future

Law & Order situation in Bangladesh is the darkest at present in its history. It looks like, none knows what is going to happen and none is prosecuted for all these murders in killings going on in Bangladesh. For last two years, there had been lots of murders in the name of religion by extremists and fundamentalists. There also had lots of extra judicial killings by law enforcement agencies to please the government. Besides, lots of internal killings took place. Matter of shock, none of the incidents are investigated credibly by police and additionally, they couldn’t conclude any of these cases yet. Law enforcement agencies always claimed that they would do whatever it takes to arrest and prosecute the criminals; but they could not arrest real criminals for some cases, and for some, they could not even arrest anyone. In some cases, they intentionally did not want to conclude the investigation, because that might go against their own and government’s interests. Police and other law enforcement agencies are public servant to maintain the law & […]

Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum Human rights’ knowledge

Bangladeshi Police does not have minimum knowledge of human rights. I wrote about another incident of hand cuffing a man without both legs. This gentleman was arrested due to suspicion, police even does not have any proof of his committing crime. However, that is not my main point of discussion. Does anyone with common sense can imagine this man named, Khokon Gazi, who does not have a leg, can run away from the police custody? Well, if you think that it’s not possible for him to run away, then the common sense of Bangladeshi police is in doubt. If you have time to look at Bangladeshi national daily newspapers, you can see lots of political leaders are arrested and taken to court without hand cuffing them. It looks like that they are king and their bodyguards ( police) are guarding them for their safe way to the court. This is not for the first time, these sorts of incidents happening. I have also discussed in one of my previous articles regarding hand cuffing children. But […]

Reform of the Bangladesh Police: A Reality or A Dream

As I was given a field study from my course teacher of the department, I was really happy to know that I have to study on Bangladesh Police. I had visited my hometown Pirojpur in 2012. I had visited the office of the Superintendent of Police and two police stations also. I took the interviews individually. The experiences of those days were unforgettable for me. The conditions of those police stations I visited were so pathetic. So, I think I should share my experience about this field study on Bangladesh Police. Bangladesh Police acts as the law enforcing agency of the government. In other words, they are for the service of the people. Police is the responsible organ of the government for overseeing peace and security in the country. They are the friends of the common people. However, they are considered as the enemy by the people. Our common concept about the police is that police is always corrupted and biased. As a result, the people cannot expect any good deed from the police. There […]

Police force, a puppet of MP and politician

Police, one of the most important forces of law enforcing agency in Bangladesh like all other countries. It has contributed a lot in maintaining and restoring peace in our beloved country Bangladesh. But these days there is a tremendous change in their activity. The police forces are seen to involve in many serious crimes. The force is now becoming hostage to a section of corrupt police official in collusion with leaders, ministers and MPs. It seems that they are no longer assigned to restore peace in the society but also be the puppet of them who dance in the leaders and ministers’ tone. This is really embarrassing for any sovereign independent country. TIB ( Transparency International Bangldesh) has posted a survey  recently targeting the youth society. In this survey it is noted that 66% of youth commented that the police forces were seriously involved in dishonest way of earning money.  The maximum police forces are seen in making money by taking bribes for  smuggling Yaba, rape , creating opportunity to escape  and much more. But […]

Is Bangladeshi Police fully Idiot or Mad?

If you look at the picture, it will tell everything at a glance. In a simple way, a disable person who does not have legs, does not have ability to buy wheel chair, handcuffed, police walking beside him. These words must have made you curious about what actually happened. The actual story is the person you are saying is named Abul Hossen. He is arrested in a drug related case filed against him. As per his relative’s statement, his both legs had to be cut off due to disease in his childhood. He is taken to court in a multi-storied building for attending his trial process. Already different people from various sectors have questioned the act by the police on this issue. This is not the first time, police has acted like this. Even police does tie accused with rope for taking them to the court, it seems like they are animal who are taken for sacrifice. Look at this man. Does anyone need to the police that he cannot flee away even he wanted […]

Bangladesh Police is the most corrupt police in the world

If you ask anyone, who are mostly corrupted in Bangladesh? Which is the most corrupted institution in Bangladesh? Who are fully controlled by Governemnt in Bangladesh? Which institution is the most unethical institution in Bangladesh? Which institution violate laws in Bangladesh? Answers for all these questions, including many more, will be Bangladesh Police. This is the most disgusting, corrupted, unethical organisation in Bangladesh and I think in the world as well. There is a saying that police in Bangladesh accept bribe from all class and all kinds. Even if a poor people does not have money or valuable to bribe police, these poor people are asked to massage the police’s body as a bribe. Some of you may not understand this, but this is the reality in Bangladesh. This is just a saying to show the level of bribery our police has pulled themselves down to. If you are an honest person, police station is not the right place for you. Here each and everything is processed after a bribe. The amount of bribe depends […]

Child labor : acute social disease

Dateline: It was 11:30 of 15th June, a bit late to start work. I informed it to my Boss that I will be late because of some unusual personal issue. I was waiting for rickshaw at 2 no gate road, Chittagong  since 30 minutes, but finally I find one. When he says I will go, I just quickly jumped into it, even I didn’t ask him fare also. I was so tensed because I have to represent a project to some foreign clients. If I don’t reach on time it will be problem for me. For reaching early to my office I thought of taking shortcut, it would save my time. That’s why I started to talk to the rickshaw puller. But I was surprised when I noticed him first time. He seemed quite young, not more than 12 years boy.  I was feeling to sorry for him as he sweating much and tried to talk to him. I asked his name quite softly. But it seemed that he was shocked to hear such sweet […]

The Target Population of Drug Addiction in Bangladesh: The Youths

The socioeconomic condition of Bangladesh breeds to various problems since the inception as an independent nation. Poverty, unemployment, corruption are some root problems for which more problems emerge. Drug addiction among the youths is one of them. It has become one of the most serious problems which has its roots in the society. Young generation is the main victim of drug addiction. Drug addiction has effects also on the society. The causes are numerous in number. Frustration is most probably the deepest cause of all. Frustration can occur due to unemployment, failure in love relationships, poverty, etc. There can be more reasons behind the scene of drug addiction. As Bangladesh is situated in a strategically important area in south asia, the international drug   smugglers are using this route as a safe transit to bring drug in this region. Moreover, Bangladesh is surrounded with the golden triangle, which also gives the international criminals to use our land for their drug business. One of the most important causes of drug addiction among the youth is drug can […]