November 24, 2017

Judicial system in Bangladesh is acting like child of Government

Child learns from home and parents are the main source of guidance for children. If child does anything which parent does not like, they guide the child to change that thing. If they don’t listen frequently, sometimes parents punish them in many ways so that they follow the way parents are saying. Our judicial system in Bangladesh is like the child of the government. They are guided by the government and if anyone does not follow what is told by the government, are punished in many ways. The main difference between family and government monitoring is that family do this for the betterment of the children; but government does for their own benefit to manupulate the judicial system as per their wish. You cannot expect better than this where Chief justice of the country is appointed by the government and is a puppet on a string. All the parts of judicial system in Bangladesh is fully corrupted and politicized. As a result, judges take bribe to change the decision of a case and alarmingly, there […]

Children’s Worst Nightmare- Child labor

We are always told that every human being has the free gift of beautiful childhood life and every one of us is entitled to have one.  As it says, we only once become a child, so we have to live and experience it to the fullest. We are always reminded of our childhood years with playful memories such as gathering to the playground with other children, playing, laughing, giggling and sharing happy memories. We are also prompted that in our school days, we have learned new exciting things, we acquired knowledge and new experiences. These are our childhood days. Such a very wonderful experience. Yet, for many children today, this wonderful picturesque of childhood that we called a gift is their worst nightmare. Children nowadays work and feed their own stomach to survive. Instead of being in the playground and in school, they are on the working sites, streets and factories, working hard and doing things they are not supposed to be doing. With their own sweat and brow, they live a childhood life of misery, […]