November 24, 2017

ALL OF US ARE KING FOR TODAY: City Corporation Elections 2015

Before I started to write this blog today I thinking of famous song written by Robindra Nath Tagore “All of us are king….”. At present, I can’t remember what is the date or day today for many things happened in last week or for last five days. There were so many incidents within the country, internationally and even in my personal life that I was busy with tackling some bad things that I couldn’t write my articles for last four or five days. This is the time of mourning, so many people died in Nepal. I want to share my condolences to the people and the families who died in the incident in Nepal, India and Bangladesh at recent earthquake. Let’s come to the point of today’s subject. I have just checked and found out, today is the 27th April 2015. Tomorrow there will be elections in Dhaka ¬†city corporations and Chittagong city corporation. Yesterday all the publicity for tomorrow’s election was called off by the election commission. Today, there will be no publicity held […]

Various problems in Capital City Dhaka: Role of political leaders for solution

If you compare Bangladesh within south-east Asia, it is one of the smallest country in size. But if you compare Dhaka as per the population living in a city, it will be one of the mostly densed city in this region or may be in the world. Almost 20 million people live in this city now. It has become very difficult to identify the end line of Dhaka city for the unplanned expansion of this city for last many years. With the expansion of this city and for not having responsible person elected for taking care of the problems of this city, lots of corruption and problems have arisen within this famous and one of the oldest city of this region. We, the people who live here, are responsible for these problems and equally the institutions who are supposed to be taking care for the solution of this city are also responsible for these unsolved problems. As we have elected mayors for both part of this mega city, they must act quickly with the government […]

Mayors Promises: Before and After Election

Political legitimacy is maintained by the frequent election. In this case, Dhaka city corporation election took a lot of time to be organised. Our political culture refers to the practice that the politicians forget their promises after winning the election. It has been a vulgar habit of our politicians but the norms of politics say something else. Politics has to be practised for the development of the society. But our political culture is nothing but a stock of corrupt practices of some political people. The Dhaka city corporation authority is not an exception. Literally, the duty of a city administrator is to find solutions for the problems of the city dwellers. Ironically, such administrator is difficult to find. The people have their rights to dwell in a modern city with all its facilities and amenities. The problems of Dhaka can made an impression that the authorities are ignorant enough to notice these issues take proper steps to make Dhaka a better city to live. Practically, it is true. The role politicians is rarely seen here. […]

City Corporation Election- 2015: Beginning of Peace and concluding Articulation

In fact I was waiting for city corporation election for a long time. But the reason is not like that the flood of development will be floated in Dhaka and Chittagong through Mayor Election. Rather I was waiting when the dice of city election will be driven at the present situation of politics. However, I came to know after announcement of the date of election that I am living in the heaven of fool. Because not only me, 16 crore of people like me were waiting for this election. The question may arise that there are about 3 crore of people living in Dhaka and Chittagong, those may, in fact, wait for this election. Because orphan children will be blessed with city father. Then what do 13 crore of people wait for? I am giving answer of this question after a while. First of all I do comment about hopes and aspirations of Dhaka and Chittagong residents. Through election of City father the old problems of the city will be solved and the standard of […]