November 24, 2017

Freedom of speech is not free in Brangladesh

Freedom of speech is dead in Bangladesh. This is not something new in Bangladesh. It has been the case for years. But it is taking more extreme position and spreading all over the country. Journalists, bloggers and politicians were victims of censorship of speech; but justice system is also under fire after ex-chief justice gave his judgement on 16th amendment of constitution. This mad government has brought the constitution under knife several times and made it as they wished to benefit this government to remain in power. People all over the country were against it, but as a country and its political situation, general public cannot do anything against government. Before few months, chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has given his judgement against 16th amendment of the constitution which led him to flee the country and take refuge in Canada. He could not even come to the country to submit his resignation to the president. He handed over his resignation to the embassy in Singapore. What it tells about the situation in Bangladesh? We have […]

Chief Justice is not even safe in Bangladesh

Chief Justice of Bangladesh is not even safe in the country. There have been so many situations and incidents when many journalists, bloggers, political leaders have fled the country because of lack of safety within the country. Now present Chief Justice had fled the country due to his judgement on amendment of constitution. IT shows fear of torture has even reached at the top level citizen of the country. None is safe. You don’t have freedom of what you are supposed to do or say. You are like a slave in this country. I have already written an article on this amendment of the constitution. But when the remark and full judgement were released by the chief justice, this dictator Sheik Hasina government has gone mad like a barking dog. She was trying to find the right opportunity to bite the chief justice and show off her power over justice system. Until now, it was all known but was kept under the carpet. But this time it was made public to show that none can […]

Killing innocent Rohinga people in the name of religions in south Asia

Thousands of innocent Rohinga people are killed every year in the name of religions in Asia. This is not the first time happening in 2017. These are happening for centuries. This year the most significant killings are happening in Myanmar. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed and fled the country recently due to their governments ethnic cleansing. This is not the first for this kind from Myanmar. The Rohingas don’t have any choice but to flee to neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh. People are killed by military, villages are burnt, children are killed in the sea while fleeing. What type of people this government is? They are killing these people in the name of religion. Religious leaders of Myanmar also spreading propaganda against Rohingas. They are said to be terrorist. Well it looks otherwise to me. Terrorists are not of any group, religion or country. They are terrorists. We have to stand against them, not to kill innocent people because of their view and faith. What is happening in Myanmar, is not steps against […]

Bangladesh Supreme Court rejected 16th amendment today

Supreme Court judges have rejected the appeal against the judgement given by High court today. There are so many comments and news on this today. There will be lots of discussion on this in coming days. I want to present my view in different point and from different angle. First of all, why MPs tried to impose this amendment. MPs was planning to take over the power legally to impeach judges so that they can establish their ruling over all the judges. Already justice system in Bangladesh is politicised, then why did they need to do this? Well, whatever they used to do was illegal in pen and paper. They wanted to control the judges legally. So that ¬†they are bound to listen and follow their orders. There are also very few judges who were not under their control, so they wanted all the judges to work as slave to all the politicians. I am not only going to accuse Awami League on this issue, it includes BNP and all other political parties. All are […]

Illegal Shameless Awami government must stand down

Awami league government in Bangladesh is illegal and shamless and they must stand down by handing over the power to rule to public. They have tried to legalize their ruling, but none must forget what they said just before the last general election. They are supposed to announce another general election just after that which they haven’t yet. Most of the MPs were elected even without vote. For last few years they have failed to ensure the minimum fundamental rights of citizens in the country. Safety and security is at the edge. They could not control the radicalized groups within the country and as a result those groups have gone international and playing havoc within the country. They have made the administration and law enforcement agencies slave of the government. There were lots of examples where they supported the disappearance of lots of political leaders let alone general public of the country. Now they are playing terrorist game within the country. All the terrorist camps raided within last year, have failed to capture anyone alive. […]

New Election Commission – first step of election engineering in Bangladesh

Election commission in Bangladesh is and was always slave of the government. Other political parties have always raised their voice against it, but when the opposition goes to power as a ruling party; they do the same. They also select people as officials of election commission who will listen to the government. This has never change in Bangladesh. Government has always used election commission to establish and execute their plan and to make it official. Opposition of BNP has soften in recent years. They have also shifted from their stand of political demand specially around election process. All of a sudden everyone started to talk about changing the election commission and surprisingly, government did not show any opposition for it. It looks like all the political parties have agreed to complete the change process as soon as possible. Bangladeshi president has always been a puppet of the government. President is a spineless person. He is more like a showpiece than effective president. However, he arranged meetings with different political parties for a show off. He […]

Uncertainty in future Bangladeshi politics

Lots of uncertainty in Bangladeshi politics clouded over for last few years and its growing stronger day by day. There are few important points relating to these uncertainties; especially around future leaderships of major political parties and style of politics in the country. I am going to discuss few of them today. So far future leaderships of the political parties are concern, we have already seen the changes in Jamat. This is not the Jamat what it used to be. They have taken a blow and stabilizing slowly. They are trying to cope with the sudden gap of the leaders caused due to trials in recent years. Definitely Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda are going to end their era soon or later. They don’t have anyone capable to take the role they are performing. Both of them are already trying to establish their sons as the leader; but even within the parties they are not welcome as leader. H M Ershad has tried to establish his ex-wife as the leader, but till he is alive he […]

Minority group – never safe in Bangladesh

Recent increase in attack on minority group in Bangladesh comes immediately after Awami League’s national conference. It shows that Bangladeshi government’s have always patronized the attacks on minority groups. For last decade, bloggers, religious minority, poor have been the target of attacks for political gains for the governments. They have used these attacks to cash their dreams to remain in power. Worst part is, when government is the attacker, these group of people have nowhere to go to get justice. Sheikh Hasina, the dictator, is one of the most cunning political actors in Bangladeshi history. She plays the main role in these attacks. Though she tries to portrait that she has no connection with Chatro League, but she uses all those goons in BCL to play her master plan. She tries to show general public that she is so innocent. Recently in Nasirnagar at Brahammanbaria district, lots of family were attacked due to their minority identity. When their places were burnt by BCL and Awami League followers, Police did not act on that. Bangladeshi police […]

Election Commission has failed to establish their role in Bangladesh

Today Election Commission of Bangladesh has finished the election of Union Parishad. This election is conducted in six steps all over the country. Already this election of Union Parishad is identified as the most destructive election in the history of Bangladesh. Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been injured during this election. And that is not all, there was flood of fake voting, corruption. Most significant information is, 220 chairman have been elected without any vote and all of them are Awami Leauge supporters. On the other hand, BNP has failed to stand politically and surprisingly they could not even nominate for 554 Union Parishad Chairman position. It shows that BNP is loosing its popularity in root level. During this election and in previous elections, it was told that a person needs to win the AL nomination, not the public votes; because with only AL nomination a candidate can win the election. It shows the corruption level in our election process. Election commission, as usual, did play a role of admin staff. They […]

Bangladesh, Religion and terrorists – which to win?

People of Bangladesh is fully influenced by their religion and groups of people have become terrorists. Comparing the total number of terrorist groups and number of terrorists in Bangladesh, will numerically look less; but scale of terrorism happening due these groups are very large. You cannot compare or express the negative force in a country by numbers. Most shocking fact is, these extremist groups are not identified properly by government and by law enforcement agencies. As a result, continuous murders are taking place and country is going toward dark age. General people of Bangladesh remain busy with their livelihood, but when it comes about their religion, they are ready to sacrifice everything. It not only for muslims, rather all the religion. Now, this sorts of passion of sacrifice are not seen for the country anymore, which was seen before the independence of the country. People have been diverted far away from that view. Political parties are even worst in this issue. They are 100% busy with their own political and personal gain. All the political […]

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