November 24, 2017

Hajj is a Crime for humanity

Hajj, simply a crime. This is the most organised criminal act in the world. Previously, I have written about deaths during this event which radicalized people perform every year. In fact, all the governments from people coming to attend this, are also part of this criminal act. This is nothing but a suicide and adventure tour. All the family members also encourage those who are coming to attend this death trap. Everyone directly and indirectly involve, are guilty of this crime. Shame, how people are not raising their voice about this bloody Hajj? People are brainwashed since their childhood. They are slowly and gradually poisoned by so called Islamic fatwa that they have to perform this Hajj at least once in their life time. People are also so stupid that they are willing to perform this, even they know that they are stepping into a death trap. This is also a sign of Islamic terrorist mindset and suicidal ideology in Islam. They are willing to sacrifice their life. Every person should have responsibility towards their […]

There is nothing called God or super power

Religious people try to sell their God for hiding their failure. They also know that there is nothing but their own failure. Today I had to start my article with negative word like ‘failure’, because most of the population have failed and still failing to understand that there is nothing called God exists or there is no super power behind everything. This very simple thing seems very difficult for most of the people. You are doing everything around you and you are part of your society. You are the person who is turning this world good or bad. Then why blaming other non-existing thing for hiding your failure? There is no superman coming to rescue you. Stop pretending like, you will be saved by your God. Stop teaching and forcing other to believe that they are supposed be within a gang (religion). Every human being is free. They are the decision maker. There is no afterlife or heaven or hell is waiting for you. Stop hating each other. Those who are lost in the way […]

Theory of existence – 6

Theory of existence articles, after a short period of time. I believe, it has become important to explore and share our reason for existence in this universe. People are killing each other for no reason. People are fighting each other in the name of religion, even they don’t realize that it is destroying the same species they belong to. Everyone is running after something even without knowing it. It’s a time for everyone to take a break and think about the core of our existence. I have already discussed many topics about this in my few previous articles. You can read those or you can simply go ahead with this one. We are busy with our daily routine and fight for livelihood. We even forget to look upward towards the sky and spend a minute to think about where we really are and why are we really here. Time has really come to think about our purpose and reason for our existence in this world and overall in this universe. We have been changed physically […]

Theory of existence – 5

Theory of existence is called theory, because still lots of people are not ready to accept the facts discussed in this series of articles. They are still living in dark age. We call ourselves educated and scientists, but we are ready to accept the facts which goes against our religious and regular beliefs. There are so many traditions and stories around us, which are just stories without facts; but most of the people ready to accept it as part of their life. Whereas, lots of facts are around us which proofs and explains our existence in this planet and in universe. Have you thought beyond universe, where we try to confine ourselves? Why we are born? Do we really born? What is the purpose of living creatures? How do we born? How we were before our birth? Even before that? Did we really exist? How  did we exist? I can write unlimited number of questions like that, which may trigger some research in your mind. At least, it might raise your eye brows. However, try […]

Theory of existence – 4

Our existence in this universe does not start with our birth. Though we tend to think that our life starts when we are born in this earth. There are lots of people who also believe beyond that, ie, we exist before we are born. The question is how and where. Today I will try to discuss on our existence starting from our birth and before that. Medical science explains how we a child is born and it’s physical developments take place within human womb. Physical existence does not start from nothing. Rather it changes its form one to another. From sperm to a baby human body fed by host body in the form of energy. Total energy in this universe is absolute. If the baby is fed with energy to develop itself, then from where this energy is coming? Everything in this universe turns into energy at the end, as I discussed in my previous articles in this series. There is a core of energy where all the energy is stored or instead of a […]

Theory of existence – 3

Theory of existence, articles to find out the root why everything exist and why. Today I will try to discuss on some unseen topics. Almost all the religions speaks about life after death. Those like us don’t believe in any religion, we may have different views and propositions. Some of us may also have same kind of idea after that in different form. I will try my best to explore few forms within this scope. Many religions encourage a belief that there will be judgement day. Some shares almost similar kind of idea with a view of end of worldly life. Some suggests, who does not believe in religions, there is nothing like death; rather life transforms into something else and so called death is nothing but a gateway to that transformation. Some suggest death is the end of everything for life. If I want to discuss about death, I believe start of life and how it starts – is also very important in this discussion. But today it won’t be possible to discuss vastly […]

Theory of existence – 2

Theory is such a subject which lacks in facts. Lacks in facts, not because its untrue, rather there may not be facts available yet. It will be proved in future. At present, there are many theories available regarding the existence of everything in the universe. There are many types of ideology available. Recently I came across the theory of matrix about the existence of universe. To add into that, some argues that everything out there is nothing but like computer simulation. There are many facts to go with that. Interestingly, it is very hard to talk or think about it; if you confine yourself within the existing beliefs. You have to come out of that and take a back seat to think about these. You have to think freely. At first it may look like unbelievable. But more you read, you will be able to question your beliefs. There are many theories which are not proved yet. Specially time travelling. I believe when time travelling will be proved, many unanswered questions and mysteries will be […]

Theory of existence – 1

I am starting a new series of articles, named Theory of existence from today. Just to inform you, if anyone wants to really understand what is said in these articles, one has to think above and beyond the normal existing ideas of science and religions. If anyone is stuck with the fundamental ideas of religions and science, they can’t clearly understand the ideas stated here. You have to keep your mind free fully from any previous ideas and formulas. The aim of these writings is to guide you through a platform and path which may not look and sound realistic, may not seems possible; but I can guarantee you that keeping your mind free, you will be able to find lots of ways to rethink about the roots and possible ways of our existence. If you are expecting to find facts and proof of what I will write, I will suggest you to do it yourself. I will provide ideas which will explain the facts, but it will not give the present facts. If you […]

Radical Islamic Ideology Vs Secular bloggers in Bangladesh

Radical Islamic Ideology is at its extreme level in Bangladesh at present. History says, Bangladesh have never escaped radical islamic ideology since the independence of the country. On the other hand, real freethinkers in Bangladesh has always suffered to establish the secular ideology over the decades. Bangladesh has never been successful to establish itself as secular country; rather secular minded people in Bangladesh have sacrificed always. What the governments in Bangladesh should have done, is actually taken over by group of secular minded individual in the society. By the wake of internet culture in Bangladesh, people have got used to access internet; though it is still in very early stage. But young generation specially the bloggers have played a vital role to fight the extremism in Bangladesh over the years. I don’t have to tell how bloggers, like us, have been murdered to express their minds online. I don’t think anyone will argue that Bangladeshi government is also against the bloggers. They have passed laws to stop the bloggers, arrested the bloggers and also kept […]

Dream of Heaven – killing innocent lives in Bangladesh

Dream of Heaven, in fact, driving the terrorism all over the world. Bangladesh is also part of it. Terrorists motivate innocent young generation by telling them that they will be offered direct heaven without any judgement by Allah, if they sacrifice their life for their religion. This is the only ‘Ace of spade’ used by radical groups for recruiting people in terrorist activities. Religion has played a nasty part in world terrorism. Those who are radicalized, they accept this dream of heaven. It is not only is Islam, rather most of the religion plays the same. But considering the present few years’ scenario, Islamic terrorism has become other name of all sorts of terrorism in the world. At present, almost everyday, innocent people from other faiths and religions are being killed in Bangladesh in different parts. Some of them are not even reported in media. But I can see the clear path where Bangladesh is heading. I believe secular writers in Bangladesh will agree with me. Innocent people, who do not agree with radical beliefs, […]

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