November 24, 2017

Human Trafficking in Bangladesh: Situation and Solution

human trafficking in bangladesh

Though we are planning to celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence, our problems are not decreasing, rather they are increasing day by day in course of time. Thousands of problems are available in Bangladesh. Human trafficking is one of them. Ironically, Bangladesh is one of the most productive source and transit of men, women and child who are trafficked for sexual exploitation and 21st century slavery. The human rights are violated by this human trafficking. There are a lot of socioeconomic factors are related with this phenomenon. For that reason, the innocent people of our country become the victim of international crime of human trafficking.

Human trafficking refers to the transportation of human being illegally from one place, area or location to another. Human trafficking is such a crime which breeds to other crimes also. The people trafficked from Bangladesh are fed forcefully into sex trade and forced labour. In the name of providing a better life and livelihood, the fraud people sell deal in human being and provide the ground for arms trade, slavery, prostitution etc.

Human trafficking is accompanied with a number of crimes also. Moreover, it has its diversity both domestically and internationally. Our lifestyle is incomplete without industries. The foods, clothes, electronic products, furniture, on which we are mostly dependent, is wrapped up with the slavery which were present even in the ancient time. Moreover,  it has relation with arms trafficking and drug trafficking also. In this sense, the international criminals and gangs are interlinked with each other. In other words, the developed countries remain silent on the topic of human trafficking because it is convened with their self interest.

Poverty plays an immense role in assisting human trafficking in Bangladesh. Because of the struggle with poverty, the common people have no way but to believe the words of the frauds and easily send their near and dear ones to somewhere. They are assured that their children will get job, high salary, shelter etc. In this way, the fraud people make them fool. Especially, the villagers are their main target. Thousands of boys and girls are trafficked from Bangladesh. Their destination is sometimes the middle east countries, sometimes the Asia and the Europe.

Overpopulation is one most vital causes for human trafficking. The parents of a lot of children try to find out a way by which they can make their children earn their own livelihood so that their struggle with poverty comes to an end. This greed of earning money by employing their children brings the disaster. This decision of the poor parents destroys thousands of lives of innocent children. Perhaps, they could be useful for the country in future.

Discrimination on the basis of gender is a contributing factor for human trafficking. Women are deprived of their human rights from time immemorial. This situation is very acute in the rural areas. Female child is always considered as burden for the parents. That is why, most of the parents try to get their daughters married in early age. Sometimes, they get cheated by the criminals. Moreover, the girls are sent to city to earn their livelihood. In most of the cases, women are the worst victim.

The most alarming news is that the children are more prone to human trafficking, as they are the most vulnerable part of the society. Children are trafficked within the country and to the neighbouring countries and the Middle East countries. The small boys and girls are taken to the Arab and Middle East countries for entertaining as camel jockey. It is a very painful job for a child to ride on the camel in the hot desert. But this cruel practice has taken away many of our children’s lives.

The impacts of child trafficking is very dangerous. The children who are trafficked in abroad, have to lead a different lifestyle. They have to compromise their cultures as well. Moreover, they are deprived of parental love and affection. Different personality grows within them. In this way, they create a new culture of their own. Many of them, become the permanent dwellers of the underworld of crime.

Some people take this crime of human trafficking as a profession because it is very easy to allure the poor and illiterate people in Bangladesh. Even in cities, the school going children are kidnapped and trafficked outside the countries.

The another dimension of human trafficking is that it is an updated form of slavery of modern days. It has become a problem for the whole universe. The women and female children have to be the victim of sexual exploitation. They are the subject of forced prostitution.

The effects of human trafficking are both hidden and visible. The individuals and persons relationships are hugely affected. The victims may suffer from psychological trauma, stress, disorder, depression etc. Even there is the possibility of having suicidal tendency among the victims. The family relationship, social relationship are hampered. It is experienced that the victims of sex workers, prostitution are neglected by the society after their arrival in their home to the near and dear ones.

In fine, we can say that the very problem of human trafficking should be addressed soon. Otherwise, it will be too late. The civil society people should come forward to develop public awareness regarding human trafficking. The government has to take strict steps to identify the root causes behind this crime. The law enforcing agencies should be more vigilant in identifying the criminals and punishing them. Human trafficking is a web crime which has a relation with some other international crimes. As a result, there are the international criminals also. However, this should be handled wisely. The government should cooperate with the neighbouring countries to catch the criminals. Moreover, since human trafficking is an international crime, the international body like the United Nations, should formulate such laws and conventions that will be helpful for the eradication of this crime. Then it will be possible for individual state to stop this crime successfully.

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