November 24, 2017

Militants Vs Human rights: Chaos in Bangladesh

bangladesh militants human rights

Islamic militants have murdered over 50 persons in last 17 months. At present, almost everyday, people are killed by Islamic militants. Their main targets are religious minority, human rights activists, free thinkers, secular activists and more importantly they are targeting whoever against their militant ideology.

There have been continuous killings of secular bloggers, publishers, LGBT and human rights activists. These Islamic militants has upgraded their name and scope of killings in recent months. Government, specially police is looked helpless. They are arresting people sometimes in relation to these murders. But matter of fact that even victims are refusing the arrested persons to be credible. That means, police have failed to take any action against the real murderers. Instead, they are trying to show off their activities by arresting wrong persons.

Even there are many cases where no action is taken by police. This government has failed to arrest the attackers, let alone the masterminds behind all these killings. As the government had been saying that there is no link between international and local radical militants for long time, then my question is who is doing all these? Government has not yet able to answer this simple question, asked by many of us and international organisations. So far the capability of Bangladeshi police, it is laughable.

I suspected that government, personally, involved with international terrorist organisations and their local connection. Government wants to keep the people scared and for doing so, these killings will help them to achieve their target. BNP has lost their political strength already. They could have done much better being out side of parliament. But matter of shame, political stand of BNP on this issue is too weak. They have not taken this issue as a major one yet.

At present human rights condition in Bangladesh is the lowest in history. None is safe and no where. Earlier people used to hide in their house to remain safe, but now people are killed inside their houses by these radical Islamist militants. I don’t know where this country is heading. Stupid Sheikh Hasina is sleeping with her day dream. I suspect, she is planning to keep holding her PM post for next few decades. Therefore, she has become careless about the safety of citizens. This environment has also encourage the militants to increase the number of murders.

I don’t think, Bangladeshi government and law enforcement agencies have got the ability to stop this internationally linked local militant organisations. They might collect intelligence in small scale, but they don’t have the ability to counter them. Unless, they deploy Army to tackle these militants within the country. They must seek help from international law enforcement agencies; otherwise human rights conditions will the worst in the world in this country.

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